London late April/early May?

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  1. Greetings from Tokyo!

    As part of my semi-annual trip to London, I would love to meet some of you. I was planning to do so last year as part of the Christies' auction viewing, but I missed out on the first meet due to an emergency operation.

    So here I am once again calling tpf Londoners. Since I am so not qualified to be the main attraction (I lack a sense of humour that rivals eliselady or neishy and I certainly don't have the looks of Angel.:sweatdrop:), I am thinking of luring all of you with the offer of a draw for two copies of 2008 H Japanese catalogue!

    At the moment, Wed 30 April and Fri 2 May are the frontrunners. Any further thoughts?

  2. I've pmed you, ltcook, my finger is hovering over the button to book a train ticket!
  3. Yes, I am back from my Friday night dinner with dh and ms kelly. Thanks so much for the various PMs. I am really touched that a number of you are willing to travel to London for our little gathering:flowers::flowers::flowers:.

    Friday 2nd May seems to be best for everyone. Any ideas as to when and where?

    After seeing many of your posts and this particular photo, I really can't wait to meet you all.

  4. DH has a meeting in London (right near the H store in the Royal Exchange!!) on Friday 2nd May, so I could travel down on the train with him and meet up with you all.!!!!
  5. i should be able to make it :graucho:

  6. LOL, are you sure?????

    There's a place we usually meet, I'll pm you
  7. I'm going to keep an eye on this one because I might be able to make it :biggrin:
  8. That picture will haunt me for many years! Ack, bad hair day.

    Worst of all - I was sober!

    2 May is good for me, I'll introduce you to Winston!
  9. I could probably make it too
  10. ^ Get ready Londoners.........Friday 2nd May will be the date!!!

    I am still trying to pin down a time to meet, but feel free to PM me if you are interested.

  11. Well, If I travel with DH my train will get into London at 10am. What time is everyone meeting up???
  12. Raz where does your train come into? I'm in West London so mine goes into Waterloo
  13. Since I am the one on vacation, I am available at any time. Would you like to meet for an early lunch? I have suggested 3pm in an earlier PM, but I could also meet you earlier.
  14. TBH I'd rather meet earlier for lunch....I'd be flaking by 3pm :lol:
  15. My train gets into Liverpool Street. DH has a meeting right near the Royal Exchange.
    So he was either going to put me into a taxi, so I could do a bit of shopping in the West End, or I was going to spend an hour or two looking around the Royal Exchange area.
    Let me know, I would rather it was earlier than 3pm, as like Mooks, I might be flagging a bit by then.