London Ladies

  1. the first and second look really nice.
    good luck hunting.
  2. Thanks! I hope things work out, I think as far as the places look, I'm ok. I was wondering more about location.
  3. I think you either love foxtons or hate them. Sellers love them, they are priced a bit more than other agents. Buyers hate them, they get the maximum budget out of them and play buyers off against each other. JUST IMO.
    Marsh and Chard are both decent agents, Foxtons are also ok, just dont be bullied into anything with them. Do a google on them - BBC Watchdog or something.
    Anyway, all of the flats are in a nice area, I like the look of Canning Place.
    Good luck.
  4. Kensington is nice, I would walk around the area at different times of the day, look up crime reports, to be honest, around that area is safe. IMO.X
  5. how has the flat hunting been going on?
  6. Sugarywitch good luck!x
  7. Some of the places I've seen were terrible and expensive, but I think I have one I like now! More than I wanted to pay, but very cute!
  8. Totally unrelated, but does anyone know where I can buy a high quality ceramic flat iron and what brands are good? My poor Chi just broke! :sad:
  9. I have a GHD that I bought in Harvey nicks. goodluck on the house hunt, I looked at the flats, which one are you interested in?
  10. Hi Yep, GHD is a good brand.x
  11. Ok GHD it is, I think I'll pick one up tomorrow, any idea how much they run?
  12. GHDs are about £100, give or take..

    those flats should all be fine, but you never know until you see them. and i'm a person who hates foxtons :lol: :push: well i hated my foxtons agent anyway..
  13. Yikes, 100 pounds eh, I am still doubling everything!

    I HATED the foxtons guy, I think he may actually have been kinda racist?!
  14. some salons give you £20 of GHD if you take in your old ones.