London - just wondering..

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  1. hi

    When roughly is there another London meet? Ive never been to a meet and just wanted to find out how long you need to allow for them and is there a regular place to meet in London or does it change??

    I guess this would be virtually impossible but wouldnt a world meet be fantastic where everyone could meet as one H group.......


  2. Hi Lovely64

    thanks for posting the rules - ive now read them.

    hoping that it might be possible to organise something in London before the end of the year?
  3. I think that some people (me) thought a meet surrounding the Liberty Hermes event would be a good idea. I believe that it was to take place in September...anyone have any more news?
  4. I think Mooks normally does the recent H London Meets, but other H fans have also done them. I think H meets are generally fun! We should do another London H meet soon!! You were missed at the last one CF.
  5. CF - mmm very interesting im down in Sep anyway, wonder what date the Liberty event is??
  6. Speaking of initative, it was great to see you Kat and BethC, Chaz and LLB, there were more like Annanas (thanks for Home House;)!! Love that place!!!) AAN, Mooks, ClassicTwist, Syma, UFC and Creamykitty!!

    It would be good to time it when they get a big delivery in:graucho:Lol!!
  7. Will keep an eye out for when the Liberty collab is due to land

    London meets have been a fairly regular occurence as you will see if you scan this board. It is vital that meet venues are kept strictly private for the safety of the attendees
  8. In another thread of mine its now been suggested there's a Manchester meet too - maybe there's two meets in the pipeline?!
  9. There can be multiple meetings in the same country at any given time, it depends on the people living there. For obvious reasons there are more than one meeting in the US because of its size!
  10. Hi,

    Of Course, but to clarify I was meaning two I personally might be able to attend!:biggrin:
  11. The London Liberty meet sounds great, I'd love to come along if I'm not on call! :yahoo:

    If there's an organising person who needs to verify me, please feel free to send a PM. Because of my work, I'm pretty easy to verify! :smile:
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    Last edited: Jul 27, 2009
    Mooks has mentioned on 19th for a london meet but im already in london on the mon/tues of that week so am unable to go down for the saturday as well especially because im in new york just after.

    Maybe there can be an alternative date for london and or possibly a manchester meet????
  13. HCUK, how about seeing if there is a meet in NYC? That would be fun.
  14. I might do - thanks for the suggestion........ I really fancy a south of france meet next summer as im there each year........