London Ink

  1. So, did anyone watch the new 'Ink' addition?

    I love LA Ink and Miami Ink but this one seemed dull, was it just me?

    I love their accents but I don't know if that is enough to make me watch.
  2. I caught a little bit of it. I have to agree it was a bit boring. Since I lost interest and went and did something else. I think there is more flash or something with the other two shows or maybe it is the personalities of the artists that make them more interesting and stand out.

    I love their accents but I wasn't really blown away by the artwork. The only thing I liked was the guardian angel tattoo on that guy's back.
  3. I love LA Ink, maybe because I'm from LA ;P What time/day is London Ink on? Interesting you ladies think it's boring, I thought the accents would spice things up!
  4. It was on Tuesday night at 8pm.. Im not sure if that is the decicated time and day though.

    I thought the accents and international vibe would make it great but it just seemed to be lacking something. Maybe it will get better?
  5. Yeah I was looking at it too and just got bored. There is no excitement I think it needs some drama...
  6. I'm agreeing with you all.
    Ami & his crew are so interesting.
    Kat vonD is a circus unto herself, how can London Ink compete?
    Maybe it'll pick up.
    Whatever happened to the Las Vegas Ink show, does anyone know?
  7. This is the same way i feel... there is no one on this show that really makes it great..
  8. I tuned in again to watch the show for a little bit but it is just so lackluster. Unfortunately the only highlight was suppose to be some model that came in to get tattooed around her privates but I turned the channel during the commercial break and forgot to turn back because I found something better to watch.
  9. Its boring and I spent all of my time trying to figure out the accents. I think it is the format, there is no music and the narrator sounds like he is straight out of a national geographic special. Oh and the shop itself has no personality. Miami and LA just seem fun! This is like umm no chemistry or fireworks ya know?!
  10. this show bored me to death the first 15 minutes!!!
  11. ITA. I watched about five minutes and changed channels due to boredom.