london in december

  1. I am going to be in London dec 8-12 and would love to go into the city and meet up with anyone and visit Hermes. I was even thinking of taking the train over to Paris for the day for a shopping trip to the mothership. LMK if this would work for any of you british ladies.
  2. Hello Loren! Would love to meet up in London, but cant do Paris even though I would love to! whats your schedule? Would monday 8 or tuesday 9 work?
  3. I think either day. I will check with my friends I am staying with to make sure they don't have me booked up but usually they just have me do as I please and we meet up for dinner. I will be staying in sunbury, so taking the train in. Let's see if we can find a few more ladies to join us too and make it a party. Loren
  4. Count me in! :yes:

    Sunbury is not too far , I can look into the train connections into Central London for you if you like.Would be tough to do H Bond Street and Paris in one day , its easy to spend all afternoon just in H

    and we just have to go have tea and crumpets at Fortnums ( my fave place for tea)

  5. I'd love to meet up with some Hermes TPF members - maybe to do some planning for the Paris meeting in April. Tuesday 11th December for Tea at Fortnums - about 2.30/3 would be perfect. (I have a lunch meeting in North London that day).
  6. that sounds great. tuesday tea. I won't have any problem getting the train from sunbury in to central london but once there I'll need some directions. I'm so excited. Yes we'll have to do some planning for the meet up in paris in april since i'll be back.
  7. Newray Loren

    that sounds great to me!
    I have to get the train down to London from the Cotswolds so thats perfect timing pour moi.

    I am going to put the 11th in my diary and will pm with my mobile telephone number so we can make sure we meet up


    What station will you be getting into??

    If we met at Starbucks say in South Molton Street which is diagonal to Bond street tube station. we could have a quick coffee, head of to H, ( and all the other lovely shops on the way)

    Maybe some other uk members can come along too
  8. lets plan on that. my friends will get me directions on how to get to that station. here i am from starbucks home and i'm meeting in london at starbucks. i'll have to let howard know.
  9. Loren, Ardneish,


    P.S. I am at the dentist that morning - so I hope I can speak!
  10. Great!

    Will pm with my mobile telephone number just before, and yes will wear Hermes Scarf, and will have favourite Kelly with me.

    Something to look forward too

    Tube info Loren! buy the one day tickets , all zones, ( can be used on the bus as well) costs around 6 uk pounds. from Sunbury it would be great if your friends could maybe drive you to Kew Tube station you could then get on the piccadilly line to earls court, then change to the central line

    Ping bang whallp your at Bond Street tube. should take max from Kew with the change say 25 mins.
  11. actually, getting on an edgware road train from kew gardens and changing at notting hill for the central line would be easier, there's no central line at earl's court ;) the only place that the central and district lines intersect out west is at ealing broadway and that would take forever and be a very roundabout trip.

    i'd really love to come to this but i don't finish until 1700 on tuesdays :push:
  12. Is there room for me?
  13. oh oh me too! Its a gathering - yippee!
  14. I don't know the normal protocol for these, but assuming Starbucks has room and we don't fill too many tables at Fortnums, I'm sure we could expand from the current four to 8 or maybe 10...

    Shall we create a list nearer the time and see how its looking?
  15. that sounds perfect. someone will need to be rose (she is organizer extraordinaire) and start a list and make a reservation for us. I am so happy this will be a real tpf gathering. hey HG, don't you want to take a trip over to London in December?