London girls - which Chanel store best for a newbie to check out bags?

  1. I have been browsing the Chanel forum for a while and after seeing all these gorgeous bags I am now thinking of getting one! I was leaning towards a flap but am also partial to the gorgeous bag that Kimalee posted.

    Before I hand over my hard earned cash, I'd like to spend some time looking at the different styles and I'm wondering if any of the London girls could recommend the best Chanel store to do this? Ideally I'd like to visit one with some nice, non-intimidating SA's who can help me answer all the questions I'm bound to have and a good selection of styles/colours to look at.

    Any help would be much appreciated! :smile:
  2. I like the Brompton Cross's quieter than the Sloane street store and has a great selection. I've always had great assistance there.
  3. i like the brompton branch best, the SAs seem more helpful there (even on the phone when i rang up the different stores). the SA i spoke to was real helpful and he even offered to do a search for me in the other stores in europe for the bag i was looking for. i had a horrible experience with an SA at the sloane street branch (although there was a wonderful SA in their RTW dept). the little store in harrods was alright, although i found it a wee bit too small and the stock to be ho-hum.

    all in all, enjoy the experience and have a great time there! ;)
  4. I always prefer Selfridges- I find department stores less intimidating- altough many staff there are not 100% sure of the stock I always have to break- it-down to them when describing what bag I want.
  5. Thank you ladies for your responses! I think I might make a trip down the Brompton store to have a bit of a squizz.
  6. Loni, I live near San Francisco but I visited London last April and I ended up buying a necklace and the east/west bag at the Sloane St Chanel store. The lady SA who helped me was very, very nice. It was my first Chanel bag purchase, and the east/west bag is a great one for a "newbie" because it's a classic, timeless bag (mine is black) and it costs a bit less than other, larger classic flap bags. This is the bag with the single flap. I think I paid AROUND 750 pounds--this was April 2007.

    Have fun!