London Gals : How do I get to Selfridges from Gatwick ???

  1. I need to go in there to pick up some things, but have no clue where I'm going lol
  2. will somebody be driving you? If so, you need to take the M23, which takes you to the M25 London Bound, then the M3 to Junction 1 where you pick up the A316 directly into London

    Gatwick is approx 35 miles outside of London, so a black cab is going to be expensive. You can arrange a mini cab to collect you which will be less.

    Alternatively, you can get the Gatwick express from inside the airport to London Victoria{26F28951-3493-40EA-B817-DFDB2285B690}

    and then take a connection to Oxford Street,

    if you are on a budget, the coach goes there too, but it will take a while, but still takes you to Victoria Station.

    details of the store location are here

    Hope that helps :smile:
  3. i'd probably take the gatwick express to victoria, the victoria line to oxford circus and walk from there (head towards marble arch, not tottenham ct rd). you can also change for the central line at oc and go one west to bond st and walk but it's not *that* far to walk from oc (although you might get distracted by liberty and the ts :biggrin: ).
  4. I think the easiest way by public transport is to take the National Rail/Gatwick Express to Victoria, take the tube to Oxford Circus, and walk.