London gals - fashion sale

  1. Hiya lovely ladies,

    There is a staff sale going on in London next weekend at one of the smaller department stores and EVERYTHING is going to be 90% off. The staff are allowed to invite as many "friends and family" as they like, so of course I'm there! I just got an email from my friend who told me they haven't reached the RSVP limit yet, and to pass on the word. If you're interested just PM me with your email address and I'll forward on your invite. You just have to send a reply to the email to get your name added to the door :yahoo:
  2. Sorry, should have mentioned what sort of brands there will be: Chloe, Temperly, Dries Van Noten etc.

    I used to get an invite to the Net-a-Porter staff sale and they absolutely rocked!! If only my friend hadn't stopped working there!
  3. oooh i'm on vacation in london sept 1-4th.. what are the sale dates?