London fashion!!!!

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  1. Okay all you fashionable ladies, what is the dress code or the fashion trends for London in late April early May? Just got invited to go in a few weeks totally out of the blue and have no idea what to wear. My Spring closet is more California, Florida, Midwest friendly with bright colors and lots of prints. London seems more like New York (although never been) like blacks, neutrals and solid colors. Please give me your recommendations!!!
  2. There seems to be quite a mix of styles in London so fitting in probably wont be an issue. A lot of people are in bright coloured tops at the moment so you should fit right in, black, grey and white stripes on tops and scarves are also everywhere. You will probably need need to invest in a good umberella and some warm clothes though as its absolutly freezing some days! Especially compared to the gorgeous Florida weather.
  3. London is quite funky yet still low key. Think Lindsey Lohan, Olsen sisters or the Sienna Miller look.
    Block colours, legings under dresses with flats, sweater dresses, skinny jeans, stacked wedges. The bigger the bag and the larger the sunglasses the better (even when it isnt sunny- and it rarely is) and lots of long necklaces. Bare makeup. Its more understated, "thrown together" look. Bring a sturdy coat and a cool scarf- its freezing!
  4. Thanks so much Joey and Londonbrat! I just don't want to look like a total tourist!

    Any other suggestions?