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  1. I'm so excited about to leave in a week to London. I'm hoping to get a black birkin 40. Can any of you ladies living there let me know what they have? If possible can someone help me put one on hold? Thanks in advance!
  2. Gina b was recently in London... maybe she would have advice,...see if you can find her Gina does London and Gina does Paris posts:flowers:
  3. Hi! I live in London and Birkins are Sooooooooo difficult to get here. They only have the occasional Kelly sitting out, but mostly prebooked. The Kelly order book is currently open, but the Birkin one is closed up till next Jan at least..sigh :crybaby:

    If you can take a weekend trip to France, you'll have MUCH better chances there.
  4. at least visit the boutique @ new bond street.
  5. I dont live in London, but when I visited there earlier this year I asked for a birkin and they said none. There was a fuchsia kelly sitting on the shelves though, and I grabbed that one. It was the Bond st store. Go to Paris, you'll have better chance of scoring a birkin over there.
  6. yeah, Kellys are just soooooo much easier to get. I did see 2 Birkins in Monaco however, BUT, they were 50cm ones...yawn.....