London Christies Hermes Auction 9 Sept

  1. Pazt posted a brilliant find - an auction at the King St Christies which has several Hermes lots, including lots of exotics:

    Viewing starts on June 9 and myself, licencetocook and perhaps raz96 will be going along to take a look.

    Does anyone want to join us? Sept 9 is a Sunday and viewing is from 12-5. We haven't made any final arrangements yet, but something like lunch and then off to see the bags sounds like a plan!

    Of course there is no way I will be pretending to be a potential buyer and will ask to see all of the crocs close up. Nope, that would be naughty. :nuts:

    Let me know if you fancy coming along!
  2. oh how i wish i could hang out with you ladies! have fun and post pics of your meet-up!
  3. Hey, could you tell me how high those Paul Dupre Lafon Hermes lamps (page 4) go for in the end? That's probably one of the few Hermes items I don't have and am seriously thinking of starting to collect his pieces. They've become highly collectible in recent years and the prices are going up, up, up. They'll always be other croc bags, but his pieces are becoming harder and harder to find. But I hope you all enjoy the auction!!!

  4. Hi Elise lady

    I phoned christies today and got the viewing times also
    I am hoping to go along

    9th 1200 1700 viewing
    11th 0900 2000h viewing
    I live around 90 miles away and early train does not get into Paddington until 1100

    So dont know if It would fit in with all your arrangements
    but I would love to meet up if possible

    I have also found out whos collection it is


  5. Dont know if I am allowed to say this so apologies moderators if I am not

    If any tpf members would like me to take additional photos and ask for measurements please do let me know

    HG , I can post if that helps at all ( royal mail post)
  6. HG, I wont be there for the auction, just the viewing, but I will try and find out how much the lamps go for.

    Christies seem to be quite free in telling the name of the seller! Meant nothing to me though, in fact have already forgotten.

    Ardneish, come along on sunday! 11 at Paddington gives you plenty of time, I can be in at any time so we can make it work.
  7. Thank you, but for now I just want to follow. I got something better in store with my $50,000.:p

  8. Hi

    Sorry I can't join you but I'm sure you'll have a fun day.

    And on the point of ............

    Of course there is no way I will be pretending to be a potential buyer and will ask to see all of the crocs close up. Nope, that would be naughty. :nuts:

    Christies are usually very forthcoming with potential purchasers having a really good grope at the merchandise, yes even Croc, unless there is a special looky no touchy policy for this auction. I've been to several preview days and everyone is having a really good try out so enjoy yourself!




  9. :sick:


    What ya gettin???? ,:drool::blink::greengrin:


  10. great!!!

    Will check the times of Sunday trains and pm you I could drive but I always find having a car in London hassle
    and its so easy just to get on tube.

    Fleur would of been lovely to have met you,

    Yippeee something to look forward too

    This is the lady who is floggin her bags!!!
    I may go the day of the auction as I have my
    :weird: EYE, on some of the non hermes items
  11. Ardneish thanks for the article, a good read! I love this line!

    In a country where conspicuous ambition is about as acceptable as body odour, MacBain was never going to have an easy ride.

    Ha Ha! I look forward to seeing you there!
  12. HG - I have some rather good (or maybe bad) news for you...look where the Hermes lamps are being auctioned off...

    A Pair of Leather and Parchment Table Lamps, circa 1927
    each 18½ in. (47 cm.) high
    each base stamped Hermès Paris Dépose, each shade stamped Hermès Paris made in France (2)

    Estimate: 40,000 - 50,000 U.S. dollars
    Add to absentee bid form [​IMG]
    Sale 1950

    26 Sep 2007
    New York, Rockefeller Plaza

    Buy catalogue [​IMG]
    View order [​IMG] (0 Items)

    Register for [​IMG]
  13. that's great. even if she chooses not to purchase, all the nyc ladies can have a look at something special.
  14. I wish I could go. Have fun!
  15. Dear Brit girls gang!

    Just wishing you all a really fabulous meet up tomorrow and lots of fun at the Christies preview day. I'm looking forward to hearing all about your day and the H beauties there. Don't be afraid to play either ! :devil:

    Have fun.