London Chloe Retailers

  1. Hi,

    I'm looking for Chloe retailers in London.

    I have the following so far:

    Chloe SLoane Street
    Harvey Nicholls
    Choice (Bluewater)

    Thanks :tup:
  2. Hi help me1979. What a great dude you are.

    Yes, these are authorised retailers of Chloe. I don't think there's a Chloe boutique in Bluewater but there could be retailers there that sell the real thing.

    You can also go to to check out the bags or authorised sellers in the UK. Happy shopping!
  3. Aye, that's where I got this list from but wondered if there were any smaller independant boutiques out there where I could try my haggling skills :wlae:
  4. Hi there
    Yes there is a retailer at Bluewater as my girlfriend bought a chloe from there at christmas. I will try and find out the name of the store for you.
    Selfridges and Harrods are wonderful for buying Chloes from. I bought my daughters large black paddy from Harrods and ive bought a number of bags from there and Harrods as well.

    Hope you find a few more places. Im sure Browns of London sell Chloe as well. Ive heard that name mentioned.