London Calling

  1. we're on the next leg of our holiday. my brothers and i have now joined our parents in London. i was too self-conscious taking photos of the boutiqes like it was some sort of tourist attraction :sweatdrop: but i managed to steal a couple:

    Sloane St:


    the SAs were alright, except for the one guy upstairs at the men's section who basically just stood there (and i was the only other person there). so i messed up the clothes and bags a little so he at least gets paid for doing something :devil:

    New Bond St:


    a bit more attentive SAs especially the Asian guy stationed in the men's section. there's this woman of African/Carribean heritage at the entrance who spoke to me like i didn't understand English. she kept repeating "show" (trying to differentiate the regular from the LE items) so i had to tell her that i understood her the first time but she kinda took offence :shrugs: oh well...
  2. ohh sound fun can't wait to see what you get:graucho:

    I try not to talk to the SA's when I travel some are abnoxious but they insist some times...
  3. Looks great, has it been raining ?, its not been raining down north but It looks like its been raining in London.
  4. forgot to ask...what LE's/discontinued items did they have ? :smile:
  5. tell us the goodies thye have in stock...:p:drool:
  6. the rain has been quite erratic. but ain't stopping us from having a good time ;) i spotted gold & silver Suhali Lockits and their miniature versions (so cute), the Mirror and Vernis Hearts, Mahinas XXL/XL, Damier Lunes, Mono Rubis, Sac Rayures and a blue lizzard Kelly style handbag whose name eludes me at the moment.
  7. i love the bond street store!

    i hear they have the Mirage Bandeau in there atm *eeek*
  8. Love buying my LV in europe/ like the ones "made in france"
  9. have an amazing time there, DD! have you gone to harrods, yet?
  10. I love the Bond Street store! I've had so many amazing and helpful SAs there, I hope you're having a great time! oh, in london in general as well! :tup:
  11. I like Bond street better than Sloan street you get a better service even though it's the busier store although Sloan street do sometimes have some goodies hidden away that Bond has sold out of
    Don't forget to check out Selfridges & Harrods too

    Did Bond street have the hearts out on display?
    I'd forgotten all about the mini metallics their pic was adorable I can only imagine how cute IRL

    Have a great trip DD! ( and family)
  12. Love the design of sloane street boutique!
  13. Enjoy your trip! Let us know what you end up with!
  14.'re so lucky *DD*, I would love to travel to Europe one day:yes:~
  15. Glad you're having a great time, DD......what did you end up getting ????