London Birkin hunting story with a happy ending!

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  1. I understand that London is a very difficult place to find a birkin, unless you are a VIP client. After much research on this forum regarding lists/no lists in Hermes in London, I managed to find out that New Bond Street and Sloane Street currently have their lists open for orders.

    I rang the New Bond Street store and was told to come in Monday to Friday and I could place an order. I thought 'now or never' and took a day off work last minute today, and took the train up to London to try my luck.

    Being a novice, I wandered round to the store around 9.40am, thinking how embarrassing it would be to hang around outside, only to see a huge queue of people outside the store, waiting for it to open at 10am. My heart sank, as there was much talk of limited orders being taken each day.

    Sure enough as the store opened, and we all filed in, we were told only the first 5 customers could place an order. I was so deflated I could have cried, especially as I would have gone much earlier if I had known.

    I decided to go round to Sloane Street and try my luck there, but no, their allocation for that day had been taken too. By this point I gave up and accepted placing an order this season wasn't going to happen. So I decided to go to Harrods and just ask. The SA needless to say said 'no birkins'.

    I thought, oh well may just go to the other Hermes stores for a look at what they do have, and check out new colours etc. I went round to the Hermes store in Selfridges and was just checking out bags on the shelves. A SA asked if I needed any help, and I asked if they had any Lindy's or birkins (almost to slip it in at the end so she didn't laugh at me!). She asked me what size and what colour. I said 30cm or 34cm (thinking she may have a Lindy) and any colour except black.

    She showed me over to a chair and then I got confused, as she got a 30cm birkin out for me to try for size (this was a store one and not for sale), and said no you will need a 35cm. I was still thinking 'Lindy' at this point, so wasn't sure what was going on.

    She then went off and came back with a huge orange box, which contained the following........
  2. Oh wow ... what a story ... when a huge orange box comes out, it has got to be good.
  3. What are the chances of finding one of these in London as a walk in purchase?!!!

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  4. Wow! What a nice story! We are twins! Congratulations!
  5. :party: OMG what are the odds of that happening! Major congrats! Lesson learned - it never hurts to ask!
  6. Congratulations Handbag1234!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: A very happy ending indeed! :girlsigh: What a gorgeous birkin!
  7. Sorry forgot to say, Orange 35cm birkin in togo leather with GHW. This is the exact bag I was going to place an order for. :yahoo:

    As soon as it was out of the box and I had said I would buy it, other customers were snatching it off the counter to try it on. It was like shark feeding time, I have never seen anything like it. The SA had to quickly put the bag back into its box and withdraw to behind the sales counter for her own safety! :nuts:

    So my message to other Hermes fans in London, don't give up hope, they are out there. It was around 12 noon by the time I got to Selfridges, so it doesn't always mean that everything is gone by 10.05am.

    I am now home, and still can't believe it. I think a cup of tea and a lay down is now in order.:biggrin:
  8. What a wonderful story! And I'm glad that you got what you wanted! Enjoy your lovely Birkin!
  9. Unbelievable.

  10. Such a wonderful story and such a beautiful bag! Congrats and wear the bag in the best of health!
  11. Thank you all for the kind comments. It was due to all the information on tPF that I managed to suss out how to go about trying to get a birkin in the first place.

    Thank you all again. x
  12. What a story, lucky you! Especially because it was also the Birkin you wanted to place an order for, what a coincidence :nuts:!
    Congratulations on your Orange B and enjoy :smile:!
  13. Handbag,
    You must hv H angels circling around you that day to score such a beauty, so so happy for you!!
  14. Congratulations! I'm so happy that you found one! Enjoy it!

  15. Yaaay happy ending!!!