Lonchamp Rival Tote

  1. Hey guys,

    Just wanted to get some ideas about this bag. I'm really looking for a new bag and I love the zipper pulls on this one. I was thinking about it in another color though maybe tan. But I would love it in like a blue or pop color. Thanks!
    Rival 4x4 300.jpg
  2. I love it!:tup: Looks stylish yet functional
  3. This bag comes in a patent navy blue this season. I have the Rodeo travel bag in silver which is similar in design to the Rival but is much larger and has a zip-round top. I love it!

    Also, you can be sure that the quality is fantastic...
  4. Yeah! I saw the Patent blue color. I'm not a lover of Patent though. So maybe just the camel color or brown will do. Thanks guys for input.
  5. its my fave bag lately.. I love it.. def go for the patent..
  6. I think it meets the classic but not boring, functional but not dull criteria and in blue it would be a statement! Go for it.