Lolo, wadya' think?

  1. I think you should get a set for mucking around your farm. Green niloticus riding boots, saddle, and riding crop. I thought of you when I saw them.
  2. HG I just ambled out of my boudoir now, and was awoken by WOW the perfect little accessories for my riding escapades...the boots are green? My favourite colour too. Oh if only I were a sufficiently elegant rider to justify these! I am what is known in our parts as an "untidy rider" ( a phrase which, for all I know, may have been especially for moi!) But I know dressage queen is possessed of the necessary riding style, as no doubt is hello2703. The sadlle by the way is on my shopping list and i'm hoping to pick one up next month in the UK. Where did you find the pic, by the way?
    Thundering Jesus! That is a beautiful bit of equestrian eye candy! I have seen pics of my DIVINE WHIP, currently giving poor shopmom headaches about How To Post It, and am planning to have boots made locally with orange trim to match the whip.
  3. Afterthought... never mind riding, can you imagine those boots with a nice 4 inch heel?!
  4. Ew, nice!!!! BTW, the picture came from a book I have.
  5. Lolo, if you think about getting a bridle also, you may want to think twice. I just had a conversation with a long distance rider who was given an Hermes bridle for his wedding. Last weekend we were talking about it and he (French) said: It broke!
    Me: NO WAY! It's impossible! It's Hermes!
    He: Yes ze f***ing thing broke! I brought it to Hermes (that would be 24 Fgb) to have it repaired but it broke again!
    Me: Maybe they're for French horses only....
    Now that's a pet peeve of mine, unreliable tack.... So I, for one, have crossed the Hermes bridle off my list.
  6. hello2703, thanks for the info re the Hermes bridle... wow, that's quite shocking! Fortunately I can get reasonably good bridles here (Stubben etc) but not very economically. I've been planning to look at some Hermes saddles when I am in the UK in 3 weeks - glad now that I know the bridles fall into the unreliable tack category. But you saw the pic posted by HG on another thread... the green riding boots?!
    BTW, are you noticing a lot of synthetics in tack lately?(tacky!) Shops here are full of "equileather" stuff, neoprene, vinyl, everything but leather. (Maybe I'm just old fashioned, trying to get some good leather brushing boots for Colossus). I just think that, if I'm not prepared to wear plastic, why should my horses?!
  7. Lolo, I spoke to some riders who tell me that the Hermes saddles do need some time to be 'broken' in, they're apparently quite hard to start with.
    I saw the green riding boots, what a hoot! And the saddle! I wonder if you feel the little croc bumps on your butt? Definitely not a saddle to ride across country in, I guess the saddle (nor the boots) would take kindly to the water jumps ;)

    I noticed the synthetics too and while I wouldn't allow it for my bridle or saddle, I confess I use (and love) them for brushing boots. I have had the New Equine Wear (N.E.W.) lightweight competition boots for cross country and also their jumping boots for years now and they're great (and I am ROUGH on my tack). Only their overreach boots suck. I can highly recommend those!!! Especially the fact that they don't lose their form in water. I love the look of leather brushing boots but wouldn't want to care for them..... I also have a neoprene girth for my dressage saddle that I am very happy with. I just imagine with your busy life and the farm and all, a little plastic might go a long way......
  8. 2703 thanks... I read a review of the New Equine boots somewhere (can't remember, as usual) but it's nice to know someone who has used them. I'll pick some up in the UK, and let you know how we get on. I think you're right, judicious use of a little plastic is probably the best solution (it's those gaudy plastic headcollars that infuriate me though... my old headcollars are nice and soft and buttery with use!)