Lolli by Reincarnation still in style?


Sep 20, 2006
I'm not sure if they are still in style, and I'm also not sure if they are still in business! I ordered a bag from them a month ago and have been trying to reach them by phone and email to check the status. No response. Today, when I called the number, it said the number was disconnected! I already paid for the bag and will be so upset if I lose out on both the money AND the bag!


Dec 31, 2007
Just got an email from them that they are relocating

Lolli Is Relocating
Come down this weekend. because we will be closed until we complete our final renovations at our new location. It will be ready in December.

Just a few blocks away on Mott and Spring. Look for our next Item of the Week for more details.

We are unloading lots of goodies for you this weekend. Check out the sneak peak above of what you can find this weekend. Definitely Winter Wardrobe builders! And... the prices are mmm mmmm good. Just like Lombardi's and Pinkberry...right around the corner from our new location.