Lolli by Reincarnation - Mudflap bag from Lucky Magazine

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  1. remember the infamous lolli hobo bags with the double silver rings in tons of leather colors as seen on *everyone* a couple of years ago??


    the site's been redesigned and she's added some super-cute new bags...
    i love the pops - little tiny messenger bags

    and the chain clutch

    i have this in white and black from a couple of years ago...they're still fun to carry:

    she also has new shoes, belts, jewelry, scarves and clothing up now...
    Lolli by reincarnation

  2. It got so sick of seeing those bags. It seemed like every store down to Wal-Mart had some version of that bag. Those messengers are cute though.
  3. I loved those bags! I also like that little chain clutch..
  4. ita that that style got played out really fast...but overall, the bags were fun, and i think that now that they're not so trendy it's a great time to pull them back out again!!

    i like the new styles even more though...
  5. Never heard of them, but I love the website. I've never seen so many choices! I've bookmarked it so I can hash it over....
  6. Wow, I just looked on there and saw the duffel...I really LIKE...I also really like the Kelly Green bright and fun!
  7. i loved those bags!!
  8. I love my Lolli still and carry it out from time to time :smile:

  9. Here is the bag from last month’s Lucky magazine, which I really want to get one. I need some suggestion on the color. Any idea?

  10. I was just looking at this bag tonight thinking I'd like to look into it! Do you know anything about it, like the quality etc? I'm not familiar with this brand. Anyway, I like the distressed brown and distressed tan best myself!
  11. I don't know this brand as well, but it looks like it was pretty hot couple of years ago. I don't like the double ring/single ring one, I like the Mudflap one, very roomy. I am thinking about to get one for Christmas. I might get the distressed brown on showed on magazine.
  12. theres a lolli on ebay!
  13. there's a nice one in strawberry pink on ebay new for 60
  14. there's already a thread on this. . . I'll merge yours to the one that was posted first.
  15. sm3 -- so sorry ! i just thought looked so cute ! i used to love my lolli in turquoise! and thsi one brought so many good memories!