Lola, another convert

  1. I just ordered an agenda to try using as a wallet. Red is my favorite color, and since the red Vernis is being discontinued, I ordered one from my SA, who had two left in her store.
  2. Please post pictures when you can. It sounds very nice, and I would like to see it. Red is a stunning color.
  3. That's the color I want to get! :yes: Maybe next week. I can't wait to see pics!
  4. awsome...congrats!! please post pics when you get it!! the color is tdf...I wish I had a vernis in red or framboise...beautiful!!
  5. yeah I got the framboise and love it though it's really not a ME kinda color, I couldn't resist how pretty it is!
    I got the red vernis small agenda the other day. It was the last in the store. I LOVE IT! My husband laughed at me last night because I am having so much fun pulling my debit card out of my new wallet at the restaurant and grocery store just so I can admire my pretty new red agenda wallet!
  7. HAHA! ME TOO! lol except that it's my dad! I like how the agenda is so versatile, you can use it to organise your schedule AND use it as a wallet. Plus, it's so much cheaper than a real wallet which i'm still waiting for THE perfect one to come out cuz as of the moment, I find all their wallets lack cc slots.
  8. If you don't mind a large wallet, the new style PTI now has ten CC slots.
  9. love love love it. but isnt it much more definitely to take care?
  10. I have a Vernis Cles that I haven't had any problems with, so hopefully the agenda/wallet will be the same.
  11. woo hoo agenda!!! enjoy using it once you get it!!!
  12. I really don't think vernis is that hard to take care of....I've been taking my new framboise to the beach and out at's got fingerprints on it but it cleans up of course is not going to be as scratch resistant as canvas, but it really does well.....