LOL, wii skins, vuitton look a likes.

  1. [​IMG]


  2. Yea that totally reminds me of LV! I bet those skins are very popular in Japan!
  3. lol! They sure remind me of Louis!
  4. Lol :lol:
  5. I love the different skins they have (besides the fakie designer ones lol)..they're so different!
  6. I like blues, to go with my visions of blue (pamp, indigo and lavender)...for my ipod and laptop....hmmm....

  7. Hehe. If I didn't already have my LV ipod case I'd want one of these..
  8. I liked that one too :smile:
  9. They also have a laptop skin with that print that's pretty cute..hmm.. :graucho:
  10. Rebecca, did you see you could design your could make cupcake ones!

  11. :drool: LOL!!! Yeah, her posts always make me crave something sweeeeeeet!!!
  12. they're kinda ugly:push:
  13. Lol.
  14. oh, the WII skins are ugly. ooops, did i just say that? oh, Phew! I didn't just say that! I WROTE it!