LOL! What is the cheapest you've ever seen the Hayden Harnett Hudson Satchel go for?

  1. LOL?

    Because I owned this bag at one time. In Cocoa, in Black, and in Vachetta, AND I SOLD THEM ALL! ALL OF THEM!

    So tonight, I have an epiphany and realize that I must have the Hayden Harnett Hudson Satchel BACK in my arms (or at least on my arm!) and it MUST be in Cocoa!

    So after some heavy duty sleuthing, I found the bag. It can easily be found on HH's website, but wooooh boy, lemme tell ya, Im not paying no $468 for that bag! So yeah, anyways I found it on sale, and with a sweet 25% code. The grand total came out to $298 for the bag + about 12 dollars shipping, so the total was about $310.

    My question to all the HHH satchel owners out there: How much did you pay for your bag and what is the cheapest you have seen it sell for? Do you think I paid a good price?

    (*side note* I know that the Vachetta color could be found for some InSaNe prices, so Im pretty much asking whats the lowest price you have seen for the Cocoa, Smoke Blue, and Black colors.)

    Your thoughts are very much welcomed and even more appreciated!

    TIA :heart:

    (Please excuse the techno-color fonts. I am high on Diet Coke and am on my 4th can :nuts:)
    hudsatch_coa_med.jpeg 1185896246348235314.jpg 1189444529555429909.jpg
  2. I'm cracking up about being "high on diet coke" LOL!

    I've seen it for $240 or thereabouts, so I think you did pretty well given that there isn't an HH sale frenzy going on!
  3. That's a good price for it! Do you mind if I ask where you found it, and the coupon code??
    Thanks!:heart: I've been eyeing it in black for awhile now, this might push me over the edge!!
  4. I got mine for $328 back in April. You got a good deal. Only way you'd get better is probably through some HH crazy sale!
  5. I don't think you can do any better unless you buy on eBay.
  6. I got my hudson cocoa about a year ago for 351. Sounds like you got a great deal. I don't see these on sale very often, other than the big sales.
  7. I have been considering a HH Hudson, so if you don't mind my asking, what made you get rid of all yours. Then...what did you miss about them? TIA for any insight!
  8. Hi, sorry for the delay! Sometimes I lose track of my posts. So anyways, I bought the Hudson from with a 25% coupon code, and the bag came out to $310. To Gotracey: I got rid of the Hudsons before for varying reasons. The Vachetta, in particular had to go because I dont really like light colored bags and the color on this bag really didnt complement my complexion. I have learned through trial and error that bags that are deep in color look best on me. The black hudson just bugged me. It is a gorgeous bag, no doubt, but Ive always had this thing where if a bag has a "vintage feel" to it like the Hudson has, it should not be black, which I realize is dumb. The bag is beautiful but the vintage feel in the black just wasnt doing it for me. The Cocoa Brown color is a deep rich hue of brown that complemented the bag perfectly. After seeing a pic of the bag here on tpf being modeled, I knew I had to have the bag back. It is unique, and you dont see bags that are similarly constructed. Big,roomy, with yummo leather, and beautiful braided handles are a few of the reasons why I missed the bag and had to buy another one.

  9. I took a chance a couple of months ago and got a Smoke Blue Hudson on eBay for $275. I LOVE it. I usually wear only neutral colors, but the smoke blue is an incredible color and goes with so many things.