LOL @ this! Kind of cute too, isn't it?

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  1. I know, too funny!
  2. haha!! i saw that before and was like :confused1:..
  3. pursey is MAD!!! LOL

    her listing fee will be through the roof!!
  4. Too funny....but yes - the listing fee??? :push:
  5. LOL, very clever!
  6. LOL!
    I had that saved on my eBay now..
    Hope Purse will get a decent offer for it :balloon:
  7. :roflmfao:

  8. Crazy and great marketing trick, the woman is genius!
  9. when I first saw the listing I thought what in the world. can't wait to see what it sells for.
  10. TOO FUNNY! Pure marketing brilliance.

    As for fees, I think insertion fees are capped at $4.80 (for starting price $500 or more), no?
  11. Just sold for $800... Good price for the buyer, considering that it is brand new. Unless the seller got it on a sale (highly unlikely), to lose over 200 on such a great bag in such a short time is just no fun. That is why I am so wary of selling any of my bags. I would just use them for a while then take a loss - it is much easier to justify selling a used one for a discount. It is always a dilemma - do you always get the best price from NWT bags?
  12. lol....what a great listing!
  13. lol. good deal for the buyer.
  14. Purse-O is so funny - I love reading her threads!