LoL. This is going to be HARD....

  1. I am soooo bored right now.. So I thought this would be a fun torture game. Let's say there's a mad man with a gun who loves tokidoki and he breaks into your house and is going to steal all your tokidoki. But he allows you to choose one bag to keep because he is kinda nice. Out of all your bags, which one do you keep? Ok come on, I know this is hard but for the hell of it pick one... lol....

    I think I would pick my Foresta Ciao Ciao... Even though I love all my bags...

    Ok, Your turn...:p
  2. oooh, that's hard. Probably my Foresta scuola or maybe my Amore Campeggio. I'll have to think between those two.
  3. My Foresta Zucca, because I paid an arm and a leg for it! ha ha
  4. Now, that's just hella mean... *lol* Okay, now is this JUST a bag or can we include a denaro if we're one of those OCD matchy-matchy people??

    Okay, after giving it a little thought, I think I'd have to keep my... my... my... OMG, I can't do this... um... OKAY!! I'd choose my Camo olive bella bella and denaro purely for the fact that it's the one I use most, I love the bag style, and the colors match best with majority of my outfits. There.

    This thread is gonna make some girls who don't live in secured homes or buildings to get a safe at the bank!! Hahahahah!
  5. LMAO...:roflmfao:... I nearly spilled my water reading this because it made me
  6. The game is pick only one...come can't pick both!! I pick your adios star ciao for you!! :graucho:

    If I had to pick my own bag it would be my adios star zucca. I :heart: that bag! :drool:
  7. Well, it's just mean! :roflmfao: I mean, at least leave the gun out the of the scenario... then I'd fight the bastard, or if the bf was home he'd kick his ass while I sit back and watch!! But a gun?? That's plain mean... Haha.

    I can just see some of the girls calling up their banks... "Hi, how big are your safety deposit boxes? Can it fit 200 bags??"
  8. :lol::lol::lol: I've got pics of my collection now so I think it's all covered under homeowner's anyway! ;)
  9. Yeah, but would you rather have the insurance money or your precious collection...?? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight??
  10. Holy crap...I didn't even think of that!!! I'd never be able to replace half of my bags! :sweatdrop:

    I'm still laughing at the girls calling up asking how big the safety deposit boxes are :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. mad man with a gun...who loves tokidoki? I'd be asking him wtf he's going to do with my bags, use them? :lol: I think he'd look kind of silly sporting L'amore.

    But if I had to choose just one...inferno zucca, hands down.

    And hey, at least I get to keep all my tokidoki toys, shirts, hats and jewelry ;)
  12. Good point!! That's something we can all be happy about! :yahoo:
  13. LOL..:roflmfao:.. No offence but he could be a Drag Queen. Or just a tokidoki lovin' mad man who wears his Black Camo Bella because it matches his whole black outfit and black ski mask for the job...hahaha
  14. AHAHAHHA I had an awesome mental picture of a guy dressed in black clothes and a ski mask standing in front of a closet going "Hmmm...should I take my notte canguro? makes my hips look big. Black Camo mamma mia? *sigh* I want to wear my foresta ciao ciao but it's too bright for this outfit!"