LOL "The Dog Ate My Coach Purse!"

  1. awwww.. poor bag! I bet she was mortified when it happened! I would be so mad if one of my animals did that!!!

    I have no idea why anyone would bid on that though!:wtf:
  2. I know I would be SO upset :X

    Was wondering the same thing on who would bid...i mean no offense, but if that's what the handle looked like after you sewed it..what about before:wtf:

    Oh but i love the color of that bag i was soooo happy to see it on eBay again after i missed out another one I saw :sad:
  3. oh no thats terrible!

    but one time, my cat was soooo mad that i left for vacation, that he peed in my coach tote! then my mom threw it in the washer to try to save it .. and my bag is total trash right now!
  4. What a lovely bag, it looks brand new except for the handle.

    Could this damage be repaired by coach (for a fee of course b/c its not the product's fault)?

    On another note: last summer my best friend bought a large coach hampton's carryall and her dogs chewed on handle and ripped the sig fabric near the bottom of the bag. I freaked when I saw it but she was like "oh well..." :confused1:
  5. hey if you can get it for $10 and take it in for a repair that would be a great deal.

  6. :crybaby:

  7. I wasn't thinking about repair at all! Can you send it for repair? I wonder how much that costs?
  8. I remember reading a member's post in here that had that same tote or similar and sent it in for repair. Then coach sent it back because they couldn't repair it. But not sure what was wrong with her bag. So they might not even be able to repair that strap. Lovely color though!
  9. Yes you can send in your coach for repair for $20 which is to cover the shipping and handling and that's it. No extra costs or whatever. And if they can't repair it sometimes they give you a 40% coupon or merchandise credit of the price of your bag. It just depends i guess. Oh and if you accept the coupon or credit most times they won't send your bag back. But I heard some members got their bag back and the coupon or whatever.
  10. You might also try taking it to a shoe repair place. I did that with a bag a year ago after the handle started peeling (the bag was leather, the strap wasn't). If they can't match the color maybe they could put on a handle that matches the fabric. I think I paid like $30.
  11. So you could send it into Coach and if they can't fix it they will give you credit of teh bag back?
  12. ^^ I don't know if they would do that because the defect isnt' due to a defect in the bag's quality.
  13. Oh that poor bag
  14. That is true, it has to be normal wear and tear.