Lol The Cruise Is Up And The Shoes Are Worth It Lol

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  1. You love heels! They are super HOT!
  2. ^^^ I do love heels and actually my husband thinks it's amazing that I find 4 inches generally comfy LOL
  3. UH OH...I like the shoes...ALOT!LOL!
  4. JILL I wished we lived closer we would do some major damage!!!! Howver, I am moving closer to you next month LOL

    I called my SA today to waitlist for all 3 that I posted LOL
  5. ^ohhh noo, this girl is going to make me go broke! hahaha :lol:

    thanks for the heads up! there's A LOT of stuff to drool over omg :x!!!!
  6. Oh no! Why can't Gucci come up with a bad collection? It would really be great for my wallet...

    But anyways, I love the cruise bags and shoes! The Queen bag is divine and there's a gunmetal pelham! Wow, the pricetag of the croc is $22,900! And I love the silver GG fabric, the logos are much more subtle.

    The shoes are so hot, especially the killer heels! My god, I love almost every shoe there...