lol, television.

  1. so i'm watching a tv show, and it panned across a busy city street,
    [probably like nyc; something like that.]
    and it showed a woman walking on a crosswalk, carrying a tattersal coach shopping bag.
    we have that rewind tv thing, so i rewound it to check, and sure enough, it was.
    sorry, i know it was random. but i found it amusing. :p
  2. That is so funny! I also notice the bags that characters are carrying on shows. My DH thinks I'm nuts! LOL!
  3. Hey, there's nothing wrong with us checking purses out! My DH prefers that over my BUYING them. *LOL* Besides, my DH just started getting into buying suits from Nordies (he got a Hugo Boss suit recently and it was WAY more expensive than my Coach purse) and he's catching himself checking out other guys' suit ensembles on TV!
  4. One of the guys that sees me Coach surfing on the computer at work told me that he pointed out a Coach bag to his wife the other day. She was impressed that he even knew what Coach was. So, that earned him points with her.

    See. We ARE a good influence!
  5. Since joining tpf, I now always look at what people are carrying on tv and in real life
  6. I was check out someones bag before I check their outfit. Funny thing I do.
  7. I was watching a rerun of Sex & the City the other day & Carrie & Miranda were talking & when the camera caught them from a distance you could see one the Coach boutiques in the background. I thought it was cool. I paused it & tried to tell which one it was, but I could never quite figure out the location.
  8. LOL I do the same thing too. I always point it out and tell my husband what kind of bag they have. The funny thing is that he is getting good at it now too! Like a few years ago I went in to Dillards to buy a dooney barrel bag in bubblegum, the lady brought me a redish barrel bag and my husband tells her "no, we want bubblegum not raspberry" the SA turned around and asked the other SA "is this raspberry?" LOL I was shocked he knew.:wtf:
  9. When I go out with my DH he points out anyone he sees with a Coach handbag. He never noticed purses until I became addicted to Coach. :lol: