lol spot the fake!

  1. this is a picture from a friend of mine, its her husband in new orleans at some market.....
    She sent me vacation pics and of course I spot the fake coach! lol

  2. oh, yuck!
  3. You would think people would remove the plastic on the handles. Do they think it makes it look better or more authentic ? lol
  4. haaha this is funny. I see it! Its on the right of him..whoo-hooo i spot it. It's like finding waldo haha. We should do this more often and play a game haha.
  5. Found it! Man I hate fakes!! :tdown:
  6. They probably just don't want all of the grubby hands that are in the market touching it. A dirty fake probably wouldn't bring much money...
  7. YUCK I see it too! And I see a fake LV!
  8. Yick I hate fakes. I have a fake Coach wallet, still I'm trying to get the seller to refund me. I don't even want to touch it now. LOL I saw the fake on your pic! Had it been on the arm of some woman we might have to think twice if it was fake or not. But being at that swap meet for sale hanging there in the open even I could spot a fake! LMBO
  9. oooh "nice" :hysteric::cursing: