LOL should I be flattered or think it's funny. Stolen words from me.

  1. :wtf:
  2. Mind if I drop her a line:supacool: ?
  3. Since she stole that from me, I wonder if she's capable of stealing pictures?
  4. you should report her
  5. Yes, you can and should report that. Ebay will shut down the auction.
  6. I doubt she'd be above stealing pictures if she thinks anything else is okay to steal.
  7. Ugh so tacky!! I am really beginning to dislike Ebay:sad:
  8. Okay, I will play the Devil's Advocate here: I think that anyone who is authenticating a Speedy or any other handbag for that matter, would be looking for the same things, just like authenticating anything else. I don't see the same wording. But of course, the font is way too big for me to read the ad comfortably.

    I, honestly, don't think that she is plagiarizing your work, I just think that she looks for the same things that you do to authenticate. Just like one tool that I like is font recognition. I am not stealing that idea from anyone else, but it is common knowledge that I find very useful. BTW, I love your About Me page, I refer to it myself and have referred other people to it. You really should think about putting it in the eBay guide section. :yes:
  9. Just report her to eBay and they will pull off that auction...sellers are not supposed to violate copyrights in any way - photos and words included.
  10. no, she stole an entire paragraph word for word.
  11. I would report it. If she wants to use the info for the knowledge of possible buyers she should ask for your permission first.
  12. for some reason the reporting feauture is screwed up on my end. I tried getting through at Live Help and they ended the session on me before I could even say what I needed help with. Now I'm #37 in line again. :rolleyes:
  13. Glad you're reporting her. Let us know what happends. Hopefully the auction will be pulled:yes:
  14. Live help dropped me again. I'm starting to think they don't want to help.