LoL Set my alarm to try and win this!

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  1. And I did;)

    I went to the Outlet a few weeks ago and I saw these lovely Bleeckers sitting, but then I looked at the price tag and even with 20% off they were in the $ I put it back down : (

    Since then I have been tracking them on Ebay, it's intense how the prices of this bag varies. Most ended within the $85-$110 range..while some slipped and were won for 60 something. It has been my job to find one that I could get for under 70 (not including shipping) & and I did FINALLY!! lol it's so cute and I love smaller bags and of course black leather is one of my favorites (dont have a black leather bag yet!) So here's what I won Bleecker Flap #11427

    shopping at Midnight on Ebay can payoff sometimes, :shame:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I'll post more pics when I recieve it!

    I have been eyeing this keyfob, and although it's brown i like the black and brown contrast! and of course i love doggies :smile:

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!! It's pretty intense when you're bidding on something that's pretty high in demand, but I congratulate you on winning them! They're both adorable and extremely gorgeous. Wow, I wasn't fond of the black leather before but oh my god, looking at those pictures I fell in love. They're beautiful.

    Edit: I love that tattersall material on the bag, too. Great splash of color, imo. :heart: So pretty!

    And that keyfob is adorable. :heart:

    Congratulations, again!
  3. THANKS!

    The keychain seems to be pricey on Ebay like 30-40 and I dunno though maybe ill get a cheaper one!

    And yah Ebay intimidates me LOL, especially when late night stragglers are on there trying to do exactly what you are!!
  4. This contrast on the black would look freekin beautiful..but im not sure i could spend 70 on a keychain!! :O

  5. oh GEEZ...why when you get a new purse must you look at new accessories :P

    Well I already was eying this as well, never saw it in this color is beautiful :heart:

  6. I love that dog keyfob and I actually just recently acquire one--but when I bid on it I didn't noticed that the auction was for a used item so needless to say I was dissappointed with what I got--so I just ended up using him for my keys. But he is still very cute and looks great hanging out with the keys.
  7. Very pretty bag . Congrats!
  8. your sheps are beautiful! Enjoy the bag too.
  9. Congrats on your great eBay deal!
  10. I have that small bleeker, except in brown. I got it at the outlet though it wasn't for as good a price as you did... I love the bag, and the inside is so pretty!
  11. congrats, beautiful bag. love the keyfob
  12. Congrats! That is a really cute bag! The tattersall lining is so cute!
  13. I love this bag! Congrats!
  14. That is a great bag, congrats! I also love your dog and the keychain is adorable!!

    Uh oh, I also have that wristlet in my watch file. Let me know if you are going to bid on it, and if so, I won't bid. It's not like I need it for sure, so no worries on my end!
  15. That's a great bag and I'm a dog person, too so I love the keychain. Your shep is a handsome doggie. I have a standard poodle.