LOL @ 'Purse Oil'

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  1. I have to share...
    My new 'secret weapon' is Purse Oil:graucho:

    OK...let me explain. The day I ordered my LE Magenta, my hubby came home to a nice dinner, then an even nicer massage. (He doesn't mind the news that he just bought me another bag when he's relaxed:shrugs:) Since I love the smell of Neutrogena's Body Oil (sesame formula, of course) I used that. The next morning, he saw it on the night stand and commented that I better put the 'purse oil' away before the maid gets here. He's so clever...
    So now, every time I am eyeing a new bag...he says, "You want it? Get the purse oil out!" God I love him:love:
  2. I think I had better invest in a bottle of "Purse Oil"!!!!!!! Sounds like you have a very DH!!!!!!!
  3. LMAO, that's hilarious! Your DH sounds so funny, you lucky gal!
  4. Hahahahha that is so funny. I better get one of those too for my SO. LOL.
  5. Sounds like I need to invest in some "purse oil". ;)
  6. Unfortunately the 'purse oil' would not do me any good. My BF would never fall for that one... other ideas?
  7. LOL, that is funny. I might need to get me some of that.
  8. Yes, girls, the best $10.00 I ever spent;)
  9. That's so funny! Your DH sounds like a darling.
  10. Men are so easy!!! (Sorry guys)! LOL! If the purse oil doesn't work, standing around naked with a cold beer will!!!! :graucho: Just make sure the kids are still at camp!!
  11. That is hilarious! :roflmfao:

    Wonder if it would work for my DH... :graucho:

  12. ....get a dumber BF?:huh:

  13. :drinkup:I'll drink to that!
  14. Lol...whatever works, right? lol...
  15. I wish it was that easy, hahaha, you are a lucky lady to have such an wonderful, easy to please, hubby.