lol once more I need help deciding..

  1. well I was asking everyone if they knew if there was a tote or something to match my new ERG SIG SCARF wallet and they found it.. I currently have the large khaki/chocolate carly and I will be getting the large brown all over carly. my question is since I am already getting the brown carly should I exchange my khaki/chocolate carly for this cute ERG SIG SCARF TOTE ???

    my wallet ...


    and the ERG SIG SCARF TOTE
  2. the picture of the sig scrf tote didnt load

  3. If you already used the Carly you would have to sell it, you can't return it. :tdown: But I love the Carly and I personally would not buy a bag just to match a wallet.. now if it is your style and you are not loving the Carly then that is another story.. but I thought you said you loved the Carly. :shrugs:
  4. I do love the carly but my thinking on it was since I was going to keep the brown carly should I get the tote to replace the khaki/chocolate carly thats all i meant.
  5. hhmmm can you get that tote? Not sure.. that Carly did look great on you! I think that any khaki sig or other bags will look great with that wallet. I guess it's just up to what you want. ;)
  6. I wonder if the inside of the tote is pink??? that would be cute
  7. ITA :yes:
  8. well I just called coach and they said the tote is sold out :sad: i cant find any on eBay
  9. If your Carly bag is already khaki, I don't really think its necessary to buy an entire new bag to exactly match the wallet and bag. maybe you can put a pink scarf on your Carly instead?
  10. hehe my carly already has a pink scarf on it... and my fiance was glancing over my shoulder reading your post and he says he agrees with you 100% lol

    he hates hearing about my purses haha
  11. Personally, I like the Carly better and I just love how it looked with your wallet so I say no exchange. You don't have to match perfectly and your Carly does looks perfect with that wallet with the pink scarf on her.
  12. love these two together.. the wallet is yummy! congrat's on such a nice wallet.
  13. the hippie is pink on the inside so i think the tote would be too
  14. I don't think you need this tote. The Carly matches the wallet and you did say how much you like the Carly. I would keep your Carly! I'm not a matchy, matchy person when it comes to wallets/bags so maybe I'm the wrong person to give out opinions on this. LOL...:pI carry my Ergo turquoise french wallet regardless to what bag I'm carrying! LOL :weird:
  15. well I guess I can't get it because its sold out there goes that idea, makes it easy to decide