LOL...okay...I'm back!

  1. Alright, my "break" from the LV forum didn't even last two weeks and now I'm BACK!!!

    My mid terms are almost done, so now I'm not as stressed and I have more free time now. I also noticed that the forum is much "happier" than before, what a great time to come back! PLUS it's November...although I don't plan on getting anything (I think I'm passing on the silver Suhali Zippy wallet since I don't really need another wallet and this one's kind of pricey and I *may* still get the Tivoli but my first priority right now is pearls :p) there are tons of threads that I want to reply to.

    Sooo umm yeah, didn't take me until December to come back but I hope you'll all allow me to stay for good now!

    ETA: On the status of my love for LV, I took three weeks off my LVs and now the love is slowly coming back. I used my Chanel for two weeks in a row and today I'm going to carry my Beverly MM, the first LV I've carried in awhile and the first time I've used my Beverly in over a month. It was a shock changing from LV prices to Chanel prices...although a lot of Chanel bags are leather, they are just so expensive and I can't buy one as often as I buy LVs. As well, the Chanel cruise collection came out and nothing really interests me whereas there are a couple of winter releases that I may want to get from LV...:graucho: Guess I am still an LV girl!
  2. Welcome back! :dothewave:

    p.s. is the Chanel in your avatar black or grey? It's gorgeous!
  3. Thanks kimalee

    My Chanel GST is black :smile:;)
  4. Welcome back, I also took a short break for the same reasons as you. Midterms, hope you did well..
    This will always be my favorite forum...
  5. Welcome back.
  6. Welcome back Karman! What upcoming bags are you eyeing?
  7. Tivoli PM only, really. I *was* interested in the Madelein but they are too plain for me...The Trevi PM is on my wish list but I won't get that yet, maybe next year (or much much later). When I saw a pic of the mono Griet on here I was very disappointed so I'm not getting that. And the Spring 08 collection is definitely not me.
  8. I think sometimes it just takes a little time away! Like they say "With absence the heart grows fonder..." It's true!

    It is nice to see you back and I am glad your mid terms are under wraps!

  9. :flowers:welcome back!:flowers:

    It'll be great to have you around again ... I like hearing your opinions!
  10. Welcome back Karman, as always, it's nice to see you here!! :smile:

  11. YAY welcome back!!!!!!!

    Have you seen the Madeleine IRL yet it's a very pretty bag (and pretty cheap in LV terms epi leather to boot!)
  12. Welcome back Karman!!!
  13. Welcome back!:flowers: Glad you weren't gone for too long.
  14. Welcome back! I had no doubt that you would come back eventually!
  15. welcome back!!