lol my little baby

  1. thinks the leather tab on my speedy is a teether. He drools on it and left his little teeth marks on it. Its kinda cute:heart:
  2. :shocked:
    I'm sure he's a doll, but I'm so anal - teeth marks on my LV would be a little much

  3. :roflmfao: I got that same face when reading - :wtf:
    I am a little :wacko: about my bags so that would be a little much for me to handle as well.
  4. I think that would add character to the bag, it's cute.
  5. my baby is my dog and he knows not to get near any of my bags or he'll sleep in his crate.
  6. well it wasnt like bad. he's only 7 months old
  7. I'd be a little annoyed, but it's cool that when he's older you'll always have a little remembrance of him as a baby.
  8. My baby did that to my damier speedy tab. It's very subtle, I probably wouldn't have even noticed it if I hadn't caught him in the act. I freaked out and probably scared him for the rest of his life about coming anywhere near my bags. He's almost 4 now and he hasn't touched any of my bags since!
  9. LOL - that's adorable. :smile: I wouldn't mind at all. :smile:
  10. lol he only has two little teeth on the bottom, so he didnt bit a hole in it or anything. He likes my purses. In the morning while im putting on make up he lays on the bad and touches my purses and likes the sound of his little nails on the canvas. He tried to eat the lock on the bag too. I should take a pic of him and put it in my avatar
  11. ^that would be a cute picture.
  12. Sounds cute! My daughters try to touch my bags but they are destructive so that's a big NO NO.
  13. lol he's just a baby so he cant do much to it!! My daughter has two fake bags my friend gave her so she puts her rocks in it and draws all over it lol. I was like yay!! she ruined the fake bag lol
  14. aww thats cute.
  15. aww!! i would get kinda nervous though