friend needs some purse help!

Sep 30, 2008
One of my best friends loves purses as much as I do, but she doesnt have much money, and she doesnt like to work lol (shes a senior in high school so its not that bad or anything lol) her mom always brings home purses for her that she gets from a women she works with, and they are nastyyyyyy fakes...and she wont spend $ on bags that arent ::ahem::designer. she carrys one of them that you cant really tell is suposed to be prada, but she has a closet full of reallly bad fake coach, d&g,prada...and yeah you get the picture. my friend hates fake stuff and feels bad for haveing them. she wants to find a nice bag that isnt too expensive, like $100 at most maybe a tiny bit more than that, any suggestions for her? i know there is guess which a lot of girls have around here but she doent really like them. idk what to suggest becuse i have expensive taste:biggrin:
Mar 13, 2009
Is $200 okay? Maybe if you have a Coach outlet you can take her there and browse around. I think they have some decent looking bags for around $100-$200.

There's also Juicy Couture. But their velour bags go for under $200 though. The Sak bags are also a good deal for her, too.

I know, I'm not being helpful. Sorry. :sweatdrop: