LOL @ my aunt!

  1. My aunt is from Winnipeg where there is no LV, and this past weekend she went to Toronto. She went to LV to look for what mandarin bags they had left. Then on Saturday night she phoned and was leaving a message asking for my advice when I picked up the phone.

    She told me all the mandarin bags she saw, saying there were 2 sizes of mandaras, a petit noe, a Keepall 45, and a St. Tropez (She didn't know what it was called at the time and described it to me).

    She was asking which one she should get and was all like, "I have to phone my advisor!" LOL! I'm known as her "LV Advisor" :p

    So I told her to get either the Keepall or the St. Tropez. Then she asked what she would use the keepall for, and I said to replace her burburry duffel she uses for work with it. She said that if she was going to buy it would be the next day before her flight back to Winnipeg, but she might not buy any.

    The next night I phoned her at home and asked what she got and she got both, and was going to take her keepall to work the next morning! :nuts:
  2. oooh, mandarin x2??? good for your aunt, mandarin is such a nice color!
  3. She made great choices.

    :huh:oohh Mandarin Epi Petit Noe. Hmm...? I really want one but haven't found a petit.
  4. She already has the mandarin pochette and mini agenda, and is going to use the mandarin pochette to go inside her new St. Tropez!
  5. Excellent choices! I love mandarin!
  6. I didn't know that there was a mandarin St.Tropez, was it actually it??

    Edit: I really don't think so; can anybody confirm this?
    Croisiette PM maybe?
  7. Great choices- love the epi line and the mandarin is so yummy!
  8. Yay fot your aunt! I'm still lusting after a mandarin keepall :drool:
  9. yup
  10. haha..that's funny..umm..hey time your aunt goes to TO tell her to take me with her! LOL j/k

    congrats to your aunt..she should come to tpf!
  11. Just as I was posting here, my aunt phoned and went, "Hello my advisor!" LOL! She phoned to ask me to interpret the datecodes because she couldn't figure it out.

    And she said when she asked the SA if the bag was the St. Tropez, the SA didn't even know and had to check and thought my aunt knew what it was, but my aunt was like, "No, my niece told me! She knows everything!" :p

    My aunt's husband took pictures of the bags and will email them to me! :biggrin:

    I asked my aunt to take some modeling pictures as well. :p My aunt was all like, "Right now?! It'll clash with my pink pajamas and I've got curlers in my hair!" :roflmfao:
  12. Actually, I think it was the regular noe, cuz my aunt said that it was huge!
  13. haha oh I love it!!! the st. tropez is gorgeous in mandarin, there was one on eBay a while back I was DROOLING over.
  14. Great choices! I adore mandarin!
  15. Mmmm... mandarin is SUCH a nice color!