LOL!!! LV hoodies???

  1. We were checking out a new activewear store tonight after dinner and my husband :nuts: found this on one of the displays.

    He said, "Hey look, they carry phooey vuitton!!!" :wtf:

    I had to take a photo to show everyone...
    phooey vuitton.jpg
  2. Lmao.
  3. Atleast it doesn't have an "LV." That would've made it really bad.
  4. I saw something similar at Metropark once. Kinda weird.
  5. OMG, :roflmfao: Thoes look like CAR HOOD orniminates!!!
  6. Some girls at my school have similar sweaters like that..they're hideous lol.
  8. LOL I was at the mall once and saw a shirt that had the LV monogram on it with "LV" in the middle and under it, it says "Love & Victory" :tdown:
  9. Lol!
  10. Speaking of this type of thing.. I saw a woman at CVS today with an "Alma Pink Cherry Blossom." I just had to stare at it lol... people and their imitations or WANNA be imitations.
  11. :tdown:
  12. It shoud be cut up and BURNED:supacool:
  13. lol. its a vutton-benz hybrid pattern. i must say its a little more creative than some lv inspired patterns i've seen and heard about.
  14. Who would wear that hideous thing? lol
  15. that's funny. No lv mono though.