LOL it's not our's in the STARS!


It's all in the Star's

  1. Aries = Fire Sign

  2. Taurus = Earth Sign

  3. Gemini = Air Sign

  4. Cancer = Water Sign

  5. Leo = Fire Sign

  6. Virgo = Earth Sign

  7. Libra = Air Sign

  8. Scorpio = Water Sign

  9. Sagittarius = Fire Sign

  10. Capricorn = Earth Sign

  11. Aquarius = Air Sign

  12. Pisces = Water Sign

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  1. I've noticed there are a lot of birthdays recently or approaching.

    I go curious is our love of LV pre-determined and we are helpless to it's power LOL (this is what we can tell our SO's!)

    LV lovers What's your starsign??
  2. birthdays not that far off :nuts:
  3. I am Aquarius........ :yes:
  4. libra, my birthday is on september 29!
  5. Taurus = Earth Sign.
  6. I'm a Leo, birthday was the 8th of august. I still have an lv present coming from my mom...
  7. Virgo! the 31st of August..... YAY!
  8. i'm a December baby, so i'm a Sagittarius :rochard:
  9. I'm a Libra! Sweet Sixteen, September 24th!

    (Explains my dubiousness ;))
  10. Another December baby, Sagittarius here!!
  11. June 17th-Gemini!!!!! (but according to many people i dont act like a true Gemini, i am not a two sided)
  12. I'm a Sag... December baby here too!!
  13. Im A Libra..Sept. 28th!!
  14. Me too!!
  15. I am virgo.