it silly to buy myself an $1800-$2000 ring?

  1. not right away of course, but I've made some financial goals for myself this year and would like to have this as an end goal treat at the end of the year...

    anyway i was inside my favorite jewellry shop talking to the most awesome SA ever (I love him, he's soo sweet, very friendly, answers all my questions, MAKES me try on jewellry even though I repeatedly tell him...that I'm not buying yet) and I notice a new line that they have. I inquire about it and the diamond hoop earrings I'm planning to buy for my bday..(I love them, i really want to get them ASAP, but I have to wait 3 dreaded months)...I also saw a box full of diamond rings too...I commented how, "I want my wedding band to be like that" and pointed and them. and he took one out for me and said, oh yes..very try it on..and he pretty much handed it to me to try on..and OMG...I loved it! I love the sparkle..and how it looks, it had 3 stones, one big one in the middle and two small ones on the side. It does kind of remind me of a small engagement ring or a "promise ring' but my bf and I aren't INTo that shmazzle and I'd really rather buy it myself...but would that seem silly?? I would really love it and I think this is a good way to motivate myself and keep on track on my financial goals. :yahoo: ah I"m getting sooo excited!!!
  2. So, would you wear this ring on your right hand? Honestly, it just seems a bit odd to me, buying such a typically "engagement-style" ring for yourself. I would buy myself a necklace or bracelet. If you're set on a ring, why don't you check out some of the less traditional styles that aren't going to be associated with weddings? I can just see it leading to lots of awkward questions...
  3. I think if you want to buy yourself a beautiful ring and you can afford it, you should. If the one you're looking it with diamonds is too much like an engagement ring, maybe you'd like one with a combination of colored stone (e.g. sapphire) and diamond. You could have a similar look and not look as much like an engagement or wedding ring.
  4. guys bring some good points. I definitely want diamonds, my birth stone is aquamarine *ithink* but if I'm gonna spend that much money I'd want to buy diamonds.

    I think right now, my heart is set on this ring, but who knows i may change my mind by December ( i tend to do that anyway). I guess yeah, my concern would be those "awkward questions". Well..i can always say it's a "promise ring....a promise to myself to never forget that I can do anything when I set my mind to do it" lol.

    yup, I would wear it on my right hand, like I do with my current ring right one of those "right hand ring" that you see on adds by Simon G and Peoples etc...
  5. I say go for it! Buy yourself the ring that you want as long as you don't go into debt buying things you don't need. ;)

    I bought my first diamond ring at 19 and I wore it on my left hand whenever I wanted to. I still interchange my rings from hand to hand and have worn my wedding band and e-ring on the right hand on certain occasions.

    About the akward questions, just laugh them off and say that you love diamonds regardless of what finger they're on. It's none of their business anyway!:tup:
  6. That sounds like a great goal. No one can treat u better than urself.
    It would be a great motivation to you.
  7. I would say go for the ring! I don't think it's silly at all.
    If you can afford it and you save for it, I don't think it's a silly idea at all.
    it sounds like a really wonderful motivation to me
  8. I so go for it! You sound so excited about it that there's no way you can let it pass you by now. Treat yourself and enjoy it.
  9. I don't think it is silly. Maybe I am sensitive to the subject,but it really bothers me that some feel that you cannot wear an "engagement" style ring on your right hand. What about those that never marry, never want to marry, etc., but still love diamonds but don't want earrings or a necklace, or a band ring, but actual stones that you can see and really enjoy!

    Okay, off the soapbox. If you can do it, I don't find it silly. As to questions, I don't know that you'd even get them. If I saw a plain solitaire on a right hand, I *might* assume the woman was divorced, but would not make the assumption for a three stone ring or a solitaire ring w/ accent diamonds.
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  11. Also- I'd love a larger right hand ring at some point down the road. Something along the lines of this w/ yellow diamonds. I may never get engaged so why wait for a guy to come around to maybe buy me something I love? So, my vote is to go for it!


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  12. No it is not silly, and try on the pieces then you can get a really good feel as to what is comfortable and feels like you, and it will give you the incentive to further your goals.

    You have a whole year to try on diamonds! That's fun.

    I do hope you find that perfect ring.
  13. Not silly at all!
    I also have a jewelry reward at the end of the year if I have accomplished my other goals. I hope to be able to reset an opal from my mother into a 1.4 carat diamond setting. EEK.....I'm waiting for my jeweler to call me back with the price for the setting.
    I don't think that "engagement" style rings should be restricted for the engaged or the left hand. Wear what you like!
  14. I totally agree with most of the posters. Get what you like and what you are comfortable with wearing! It sounds like a great way to reward yourself for a great goal. I don't think you should buy a necklace or bracelet if you prefer a ring. I have a TON of jewelry and find that I enjoy my rings more (probably because as some said - I can see them easier!!!!)
  15. I agree with most that have posted - if you can afford it and want it, go for it. :yes: I've had similar thoughts.