LOL. I wonder who this is?

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  1. I was searching for Denim Neo Speedys on eBay... and ran into this... [check second auction]:

  2. hahaha very nice reference
  3. lol nice. more exposure!
  4. Are you looking to buy one John:graucho: :p
  5. I don´t like the fact that they mention tPF. Love denim neo speedie´s though!
  6. lol. Nah... I was looking at other Denim Neo Speedys for comparison when I was doing an authentication yesterday.
  7. Lol..looks like someone forgot the MP rules..unless they're not in it, of course..
  8. Too funny, lol!
  9. yeah that's not allowed is it?
  10. lol that doesn't mean anything
  11. i didn't think it was
  12. I've seen eBay listings where TPF is mentioned as a place to get more information on authentic LV- or the person says they are a member- sometimes a link is provided. Is that allowed ? :confused1:
  13. saying you're a member of tpf is fine. saying you BOUGHT IT on the MP is not, as far as i know.
  14. not true, you can say it but you cant link it.
  15. yeah, definitely not allowed. She advertised the MP all over her listing.