lol i watched white chicks tonight

  1. i cant believe how many monogram bags they had. I mean the whole luggage collection. I was so jealous lol :nuts:
  2. OMG I was watching it last night! I love that movie I think its soo funny. I love when he chased down the purse snatcher and he's says "all that for a purse?" and "she" says "its not just a purse its Prada!" LOL thats awesome.

    I love that pink and white Dior top one of the vander-whatever sisters is wearing at the dance off

    "Clean it up coke whore!" :roflmfao:
  3. Lol don't be jealous..the LV stuff in the movie was fake.
  4. yup! all fake. cb speedy? doesn't exist! :yes:
  5. ohh yea I was actually just watching that today also!! haha.. Yes I love when you see all their luggage in the car haha, its just so unreal to see that many fakes cramed into a car. Im sure even the fako dealers dont do it like that! haha
  6. I love that movie! But yes, everything was fake- the mono luggage, MC Keepalls, sac chien, the pink Hermes and even the red Prada heshe chased the mugger down the street for.
  7. Wish they would use real bags in movies and tv shows...what the hell? don't they know there are people out there that can spot it in an instant
  8. I think it's just cheaper for the prop department since they have so many props to buy and use (not that I agree with their use of fakes though). The bigger budget movies and shows use real ones though..Will & Grace did and so did 13 Going on 30, to name a couple.
  9. mmm........... Will & Grace had some hot bags :love: Mono luggage, Chanel cambon, and in the last season the had the black Linda Scarf from the charms line.
  10. Oh I know! I loved that Linda bag..that was one of the first glimpses I'd had of the charms line and I fell in love :love:
  11. White chicks was so hilarious...just laughing at those fake bags was enough for me
  12. White Chicks is a hell of a hilarious show!

    I like how Brittany carried the CB Alma though it was fake.
  13. In the first part of the last episode of Sex and the city the girl in the taxi had a loat of mono hard lugagge :drool:
    I have no idea if it was real I think everything in sex and the city is real I mean the designer items
  14. I hate when they use fakes in movies. White Chicks, Mean Girls too, were both full of awful fakes.