LOL I just got my Legacy Coinpurse Wristlet and now I'm returning it!

  1. lol I was quick to put an order on it last month even tho I already have one and I almost forgot about it! I just got it today and it's so pretty but I NEED the Ergo Vintage Leather Hobo so I'm returning it this afternoon to help pay for it. I just wanted to let you gals know that soon there might be one available so keep calling in! I'll miss you pretty wristlet! :crybaby:
  2. that is indeed a beautiful wristlet! It will make someone very happy:biggrin:
  3. You're going to LOVE the vintage ergo hobo! I'm amazed at how much it holds without looking like a big o'l bag! Don't forget to post pics!:yes:
  4. I ordered the vintage ergo hobo too! I sold my framed wristlet and regular wristlet last month because even though I loved them to pieces, they were not so practical for me after all! I did get the Legacy stripe wallet though and I'm hoping it'll be more useful to me. And I still have my cosmetic pouch and small coin purse to use. I think you made the right decision. The hobo will get lots of use! (I only wish it had the legacy lining!)
  5. I need the hobo too. I am working out the numbers right now to find a way to afford it!!
  6. I am definitely an advocate of the vintage leather ergo tote and hobo! I have the tote and the leather is gooooooooooooooooooorgeous!
  7. Augh you guys are making me even more excited to get it! Why can't it be here today! *tear!*
  8. The vintage leather is so beautiful on the hobo. You definitely made the right decision even though it was a tough one (that little framed cutie is so hard to part with i'm sure).