LOL...good reason to keep the SO ignorant!

  1. Tonight I was carrying my newish damier azur speedy out for an evening with my boyfriend. Well, we'd made it through most of the evening without any notice of my purse, but when we got into the car after dinner my boyfriend sputtered "Baby, does that say LOUIS VUITTON?" Lol, I've been showing my bf limited edition Louis Vuitton bags on the forum and bf now associates LV with a hefty price tag. He followed it with: "What are you doing with a LV? How could you afford it?? How is it possible?" I'm just a grad student so he's probably right! But this is my only LV (not counting accessories) and I got it as a present for myself for finishing a diss chapter. As soon as I explained it (and that not every LV cost 2K), he was perfectly ok with the new bag, but he warned me that the more I tell him about purses, the more he'll be able to critique my spending! Good reason to keep them ignorant! :okay:
  2. DH knows too much now about LV too so I could never buy one on the sly without him noticing it.
  3. Good one! Yeah, my husband knows prices because I tell him. But now I use my Pomme Brentwood ($1390) as a guideline for him. So when I got my white MC Rita in April, I told him it's a bit more than the Brentwood (haha, it was $2020 plus tax). He's fine with this method. (I also use this Pomme guideline when I buy Chanels.)
  4. LOL...My DH has an idea of what my bags cost but he does not want to exactly what they cost.
  5. Yes. I am SEVERELY guilty of this too. Lately I say one of two things;

    1. No, this is not new (but it is)
    2. I leave off a number (very evil but true) If my suhali was $3200 I told him $320 used on eBay. Yes an ENORMOUS discount but I really have him believing that eBay has some GREAT deals.
  6. hehe yeh ignorance is bliss. my bf knows how much all of my bags or future bag plans are, and that causes him to focus on the price instead of the beautiful bag! i want him to like my bag reguardless of the price.
  7. I should have kept my bf ignorant, but unfortunately when I got all excited about buying LV's he made me promise to tell him whenever I bought something expensive. I guess that if I hide it, it makes it seem like more of a problem/addiction so although he grumbles and complains, he can't say I'm hiding anything from him!
  8. haha!!! love your explanation!! luckily, my SO doesn't know how much anything costs ....
  9. LOL. great story. And true too. LOL
  10. My DH likes to come to the LV store for a look around too so unfortunately he can pretty accurately guess the price of something if I ask him now.:sweatdrop: This is definately not a good thing.
  11. My DH hates looking at all my bags sitting on the shelves because he can't help but start to do the math in his head and it makes him feel queasy!! The really funny part is when he says he figures about 1K for each bag and I think to myself, some of them were actually more than that, but whatever gets you through the night! Poor, poor man...
  12. LOL..ITA! I think I told my bf tooo much info about LV that he knows when I get a new bag and the rough price ranges...oh welll
  13. He knows too much. Ever since he got me my Azur Speedy, he's learned a lot about LV pricig. I just tell him that I bought it awhile ago and on eBay.
  14. IMO, a happy marriage = separate bank accounts. Plus I buy all my own bags. LOL!
  15. My dh knows alot about LV, but luckily he agrees that they are indeed a good investment and doesn't mind me getting one every now and then. I pointed out that the Mono Cabas Piano he had bought me in 1999 was then $425 and now it's over $900 so he's cool with that!!