LOL...For the "H" of It...We Should Write a Book...

  1. So much wisdom from so many amazing people on the board... Wouldn't it make a fascinating book???

    First chapter that came to my mind...

    "Starring the Beav"

    Another I can relate to...

    "The Black Brigade"

    also "DT Come and Get Me Now!"

    Of course those girls from OZ would have a chapter...

    "GF...Kneepads...Mr. Lau...and Little Corn: What Not to Do..."

    What chapters would you like to see included in this masterpiece?????
  2. How to sneak ORANGE into YOUR house.:hysteric:
  3. Picture taking 101 by 24, Faubourg
  4. "I'm contributing to this book to earn cash for an H bag" - by HiHeels
  5. You guys are the best!!!
  6. "Facilitating Hermes purchases :graucho: " by TPF Master Enablers Shopmom411 and Dressage Queen
  7. There has to be a chapter on GF, how to get lizard corn at Hermes and her Box,

    as well as one on all the things you can hang off of your bags, and places you can put Grillz

    and how to spend the yearly budget of a small nation, on a few exotic accessories!:shame: :s :sweatdrop:
  8. Songs that Celebrate Herems...

    Dirty Hermes Dities by WN

    Santa Baby by Baggs
  9. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  10. chapter suggestions that come to mind

    The Eigth Level of Hell, or How to Find Your SA


    The Agony, The Agony... The Torture of Not Yet Having an H Bag
  11. ^^Too funny!! :lol:
  12. Love them!!!
  13. Love it! :roflmfao:

    Store without inventory? You must be in SF...

  14. Love these....I could write many chapters on the last one......
  15. Love them!!!