you guys find it hard to wear other bag brands??

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  1. I'm about to go out right now and was planning to wear my azur speedy 30, then i looked out the window and it looks like it's gonna rain so I switch it for my Coach scarf print demi (which is my faaav coach bag!).

    but now..i just want to wear my azur speedy regardless of the weather...

    so, are you guys more partial to LV than other brands??? I own Gucci and Coach bags, but I only use them when it's raining, when it's sunny, it's all Louis baby!
  2. heehee. I tend to switch between LV and Gucci, but of course I am in favor of wearing LV more :graucho:
  3. Yes, I am definitely partial to LV. I find that I have to think about wearing my Chanels (although, this one isn't too hard to think about, lol), Gucci, Burberry, and Coach bags. The Coach bags get the least attention and will only wear them when the weather is bad, but when I am wearing them, I'm always wishing I had worn my LV.
  4. Nowadays, I only carry LV. All of my purses, except the one purse that my boyfriend bought for me in Hong Kong, are now abandoned, and haven't been carried in over half a year now :p
  5. I can't consider wearing another bag considering I only just got my Speedy recently so yeah.. I don't like it when I have to wear another bag for reasons such as only needed keys or being in a rough area.
  6. Oh, yea... :yes: In fact, I've been thinking if I should let go of the rest of my (non-LV) bags but I was afraid that it is just a phase that I'll regret later since I always prefer a more well-rounded collection.
  7. I usually wear my LVs, but I also love my Chanels, it really depends on the outfit as I feel both designers have very different collections and this is a big factor when I am getting dressed.
  8. I am partial to my LV as well. Funny thing happened a couple of weekends ago. My DH and I took our kids to Elitch Gardens (Six Flags), and he and the kids wanted to go on the water rafting ride. I was totally on board so we stood in line. Before it was our turn, my DH notices that I had my Gucci tote and said, "You're going to get really wet on the ride, you know that right? What are you going to do about your purse?" I replied, "I planned for that already...this is my "bummin it" purse." He just rolled his eyes and chuckled. So yes, I agree with you ladies. LV whenever the weather or circumstances permits...Gucci, Burberry & Coach when it doesn't.
  9. yes yes and yes...I take my Gucci's out anytime but, LV's do not go out in bad weather...all my Gucci's are leather but, were purchased on sale..LV never goes on sale and we pay a premium so LV gets babied even though they are probably more
  10. i switch between my gucci and coach/kate spare/ juicy bags dont see the light of day unless its raining or im clubbing/ bar hopping :smile:
  11. I'm glad to read that I'm not the only the one that babies their LVs and switches out to other brands such as Chanel, Gucci, or Coach when the weather is not too hospitable.
  12. LV is my absolute favorite :yes: and I do tend to use them the most but I also love & use my Coach, Jimmy Choo & Marc Jacobs bags. I do own other designers but forget to use them even though I like them, too! :p
  13. i carry my LVs a lot more, maybe because i have more of that brand than others, but sometimes i do go back to my Diors, Fendis and Guccis. i still love all my bags :blush:
  14. Yes! LV is the most expensive bags I own. Last summer, at the end of the summer, they had a sale on the white Coach totes that have the C logo in all different pastel colors. I bought it thinking that it would be a cute summer bag for this summer, but I haven't worn it yet because I can't bear to part with my LVs!
  15. They make OTHER brands?? LOL.......