LOL--BAD KITTY Navy 05 Twiggy

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  1. OMG I would SO get this bag if I wasn't under a ban. This color is TDF!

    And I totally get the kitty thing -- when my cat was a kitten he broke or ate everything that was important to me. Even now, I have to put my bags in the closet immediately, or he will chew through the tassels. Each year I buy him his own scarf that he can drag around and chew on. He's just awful (but I love him).
  2. These kinds of story makes me smile...:smile: So cute to include the picture of her kitty. My cats always eye on the tassles, too...
  3. lol, this is the greatest auction ever & that kitty is too cute :tender:
  4. Aww, that's so cute! :P
  5. Omigosh, mine does too! She gets this certain look, like they are tantalizing and delicious... :P
  6. That's the cutest auction that I've seen
  7. I do the same thing, put mine in a closet. Usually I'll hang it up but I'm so afraid with the tassells. All he needs to do is put one claw in that soft leather and it will be ruined! He's lucky he's so cute! Yes, that bag is beautiful! Since she is a member of purse forum I saved her on my ebay favorites seller for the future.