Lol at this auction

  1. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Interesting twist on posting pictures in your auctions :P
  2. hmmmmmm, I dont have a trained eye with LV epi line. but what gave this bag away as fake?

    the stamps???
  3. Hmmm it looks fake but I don't know what. The LV stamp is in a really weird font.
  4. Oh My, that's not even a GOOD fake..Hilarious pics though!
  5. OMG!!!!!!!!! What will they think of next for selling a fake LOL..........THOSE FONTS Please ...they are SO BAD..I still can't believe that MODEL picture to funny I thought it was Ashley Simpson when I first looked (The Ashley with the dark hair lol)
  6. The LV logo stamped on where the strap attaches to the bag is a terrible font. Also, the LV logo on the corner of the bag looks bad, too :sick:
  7. I must admit the pic of the girl is very nice..but the bag is so obvious fake kind of bag.Pretty gal with ugly bag
  8. yeahah at least that girl is tryin to work it.
    D: lmao funny.
  9. Attractive gall ... Nice pic.. I wonder how much is spent on just taking the pic itself..
  10. Nothing on ebay surprises me anymore.
  11. why bother taking professional picz og a fake bag?????
  12. of****