LOL, am I throwing my money away?

  1. I've been contemplating my biggest Coach purchase ever, and I really need some advice from you ladies! I'm thinking about (and dreaming about!) getting the Meadow boots in black. These would be my major fashion purchase for the rest of the year, no more purses, no more anything! I have a pretty extensive wardrobe already, so I really don't need more clothing, maybe a sweater or two, so the fashion ban doesn't really bother me. But if I'm going to spend *this* much money on boots, I really need to be sure of a few things first. Please let me know if you think that these boots would fit the bill:

    -My wardrobe is mostly casual, but I would need to wear these boots in semiprofessional situations with a skirt or pants other than jeans. Could I do that?

    -I would need these boots to last at least the next two winters (lovingly cared for of course). Think they are too trendy?

    -I don't have a pair of plain high heeled black boots - would these substitute for them reasonably enough? Should I just buy a plain pair?

    -Could I wear these boots under jeans? I would feel a little self-conscious wearing them over jeans all the time.

    -Does this just seem to be an irrationally high price to pay for boots?? :sweatdrop:

    I really wanted last season's Merridth boots but finally decided not to get them because of the wooden sole, but this year's version has a black sole - perfect! What do you ladies think? $528 is a HUGE amount of money to me, so I want to be certain that these seem like a good purchase!

    Here's the link:
  2. sorry, but i don't really care for these. i think they will look dated within a year or two. if it were me, i'd go for some plain but very well made ones, especially for that price point.

    however, if that doesn't bother you, they would look really cute with skirts and with your jeans pulled into the boot.

    good luck with your decision.
  3. I REALLY like them, but I will never be getting them because I just can't give up a purse(s at the outlet) for any pair of shoes since you are pounding them into the ground. If you really want them I would go try them on if you can. It might mean waiting longer to get, but you're not going to lose time to wear them. I think they are fashionable, not trendy. When you try them on wear jeans so that you can see how they would look under and on top of your jeans. I probably wouldn't wear them with a skirt and it depends on where you work. Also you might want to wait until a sale because you'll kick yourself if you buy them now and see them at any mark down.
  4. Thanks for the advice! I actually started browsing J Crew right after posting this and found a pair of classic boots that will suit my purposes for about half the price. J Crew boots tend to only last 1 or maybe 2 winters for me because they don't hold up all that well to the amount of walking I do, but they are comfy and look nice and have always worked well for me. Think I'll go with those, thanks!
  5. Goachbuster, you're right, if I really like these I might be able to find a pair on sale in the spring! I know that happened with the Merridth boots.
  6. I'm glad you found some other boots that you like! Besides, it's always fun to be a sales lurker. LOL
  7. These boots are really cute but at that price you could get a reasonablely priced pair that are just as cute. That would give you more money to spend on the other things that you need.
  8. I just read your post im so glad you found a pair you like! Post pics I would love to see what they look like.
  9. Glad you found nice boots that you love and for less $, good shopping!
  10. I also agree that it is better to find a less expensive pair of boots. I don't think the Coach boots would look good under jeans. They are a little bulky.
  11. Glad you found some that you really like, but if I had the money to swing on one pair of shoes (and if I even THOUGHT they would fit over my calves) they would be mine in a heartbeat.
  12. Those are gorgeous, but wayy pricey. I'd rather spend my $ on a bag, JMO though! :smile:
  13. Those boots are nothing short of spectacular! The price is outrageous, if you found something equally great, go for that until these go on sale. Still...I think if you wanted to spring for them I could get behind it!
  14. These boots are stunning, but the price is steep. Why not wait for PCE & save over $100 on them? I'm so glad I live in FL & wear flip-flops all year round!
  15. Ahh finally someone else that has the same problem I do - big calves (a curse from jr and high school days of playing softball :cursing:).

    I LOVE these boots too and they would SOOOOOOOOOO be mine if they could zip up over my calf. I have tons of skirts and dresses in my closet that would love to be worn with them.