Loire and hermes resellers in tokyo

  1. We're going to tokyo next month and i want to visit resellers in tokyo. Does anyone have contact and address for Loire as well as other reputable hermes reseller? Has anyone tried to get in touch with Loire from outside of japan. There is an item on their website that I am interested in and I was thinking of calling them ahead of time so that I can reserve the item and pick it up when I am in tokyo.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. one easy way is to pick up one of the japanese Hermes super catalogue magazine - there are tons of resellers listed there (& you can survey which store offers reasonably priced H bags as the prices are listed in there for the bags they advertise).

    hope this helps! :biggrin:
  3. Hi,

    Look for the back pages of the super catalogues. It should states which are the reputable re-sellers and the areas which they are in. Do research beforehand, so you would be spending good quality time with these re-sellers.

    I was told that their service were very professional, and on par with the Hermers staff.

    They also stored lots of rare Birkins. If you are in it for a rare find, likely you would be able to land yourself with one over there. Prices might be a bit steeper though.
  4. I was looking on the Loire website and spotted something I wanted but couldn't figure out if they ship outside Japan
  5. ^^ what's the site's adress? TIA.
  6. Thanks for the reply. How can I get a hold of these supercatalogues as I don't have access to them? Is there anyone who would have a catalogue that could list down the contact details and post them here?
  7. thanks evekitti. the websites you posted were quite helpful especially the one with the map.
  8. Japanese resellers...how are their prices compared to our reputable eBay resellers here in the US?...one thing good is that you can actually see the bags right?...and the selections are great and it's an all stop in one shop. Are the bags actually: second hand so to speak? or some of them actually brand new...bought just to be sold for a quick profit? TIA...just curious and looking at options for a croc...down the line...PP
  9. petpringles, here is my personal generalization of the H secondary market in Japan. I may be wrong here....

    Resellers primarily sell new bags; I think they purchase new H bags abroad to leverage the cheaper prices abroad, and sell them for a profit in Japan. Examples -- Loire, atour, etc.

    Recycle shops primarily sell used bags, I think they purchase bags from individuals, and resell for a profit...

    of course, there are stores that do a mix, like Mika's store. I think most of their stock are new H bags that they buy abroad (I think Europe), but they also have a number of used bag selections...

    As to your pricing question, for new H bags, I am pretty sure they charge more than the H boutiques. For a used H bag, if you hunt, you may be able to get a good deal.
  10. Tokyogirl: Thanks as this is very informative fro me...so there is a chance of landing a croc there in Japan that is spanking brand new but with a premium of course. I am not against the premium at all but if they are overly extravagant, I may say no. My wife had this personal preference of nothing pre-used...so I am limited to getting a brand new one. Thanks so much...from the forum, it certainly appears that Japan is the best way to get the Birkins of your dreams. Thanks again!
  11. Petpringles, There's a H boutique at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel at Tokyo Midtown that carries only exotics. Viewing is by appointment only. If I wanted to get a croc (that day will come, I hope!), I'd definitely go there. No games, no patronizing SAs, WYSIWYG.
  12. Thanks nice to know! We'll give our SA a try first...he hasn't failed us yet...perhaps after our return from Russia next month!..if there'll be any dough left over...I may inquire...THANKS evekitti!:tup: