Lohla-Jayne in Red-anyone have it?

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  1. Has anyone seen or have the Lohla Jayne calfskin in red? What do you think of the color? Too bright, or is it a wearable color?

    I've never had a red bag before and I'm a little shy about it...if it was a nice soft red, I might go for it:graucho:

  2. I´ve seen it IRL and it´s so lovely!

    I loved the colour a lot and it was so nice and soft!
  3. ^^Thanks Blueberry, is is like a lipstick red? Berry red? How would you describe it?
  4. Marly - never be shy about a red bag. Red is a neutral color in a handbag. I love the red snakeskin Lohla-Jane. Now that would be a little flashy :graucho:
  5. ^^:roflmfao::roflmfao:

    My mom always said, "Don't ever let a handbag walk in the door before you do"

    I'm not sure I can totally agree with her!

  6. I can´t really remember.


    I saw the bag months ago.

    I just remember I loved the colour.
  7. But I think it´s more lipstick red than Berry red.