Lohan's glasses...can anyone ID?

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  1. I love these glasses.. Can anyone ID them? Thx!
    lohan-glasses-04.jpg lohan-glasses-05.jpg
  2. :nuts: ooh i want them
  3. Dior??? They have similar ones for eyeglasses.
  4. I was thinking Prada when I first saw them
  5. me too
  6. I think they are Dior even though Gucci has a similar style as well. Im not sure though.
  7. I am really not sure, but they look Prada.
  8. I think Dior
  9. Thanks girls, so now we've narrowed it down to Prada (or maybe Miu Miu?) or Dior..That steers me in the right direction as I had no clue. :shame:
  10. They look similar to these Prada glasses
  11. You definitely need to go to the store and try them in the store because now that you narrowed down the style you like!! you can go and see which fits you better!!!
  12. They look like a Gucci pair I have, but Lohan's frames are some kind of metal. I just noticed the nosepads. So it's either all metal or a combo metal/plastic...
  13. I have a similar pair and they are Prada.